This play-based program is organized around three foundations

    • Engagement. Making your toddler the main ones partaking in their explorations, learning and curiosity. 
    • Independence. All activities, materials  and suggestions around learning through play will expose your toddler to richer play sessions where they can control,  manipulate and discover how they see fit.  
    • Well-being. To better help the development and building of self-worth within your toddler due to your child mostly leading their work. This program is about learning through play and awakening your toddler’s natural curiosity.  

    What is the learning outcome for the play-based tailored plans?

    All material within this customized program, should assist in making your toddler thrive more within any struggling skill area (s). Also help build new developmental sequences, abilities and an overall joy for inquiry. 


    What is this play-based program trying to accomplish?

    This play-based program wants to assist in creating a more rounded child who feels more independent and richer for more knowledge. Seeing that play is the work of children, this program aims to create actual learning not just memorizing. Thus helping your child to be more developmentally successful.

  • I Want A Joint Play Observation Done

    A 25 min joint play observtion

    • This is a joint play session between 1 parent interacting with their child.
    • There will be a setup of 2 different open-ended activities.
    • I will observe &  complete a Rating Scale on what I see.
    • The Rating Scale used covers all the developmental areas.
    • Every play skill on the Rating Scale is broken down into a rating system. 3= well developed, 2= slightly developed & 1= not shown at all.

    A personalized plan 

    1. 2 tailored play-based activities are provided to assist in the development of needed skills.
    • Activities are based on play-based learning theories.
    • Your child's strengths and interests are used to assist their weaker areas.
    • Knowledge from the assessment is used to make activities more tailored to individual child's needs.


     2. A 20 min meeting on findings happens.

    • Talk about what was noticed.
    • Quality suggestions are given.
    • How to best move forward.
    • Any concerns from parents are shared.


         3. Online assistance. 

    • (2) 15 min progression check in's where parents give an update and ask questions to me.


  • Take a look and enjoy!

    I'm here to lend a helping hand

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    Each joint play observation helps me to,


    1. Observe how you and your child interact.
    2. Identify areas that need work to help make play sessions more richer.
    3. Provide suggestions to assist in building a more deeper thinking toddler.
    4. Offer my specities and tips to better help you and your toddler have  better collaborative play interactions.

    How does it work!


    25 min play observation

    Observation of a 25 min joint play interaction between child and parent. Plus a Rating Scale is done by me within your home.


    Personalized help plan

    A  20 min meeting on findings is done. Plus

    2 tailored play-based activity are given that will assist in developing targeted skills. 


    Online assistance 


    2  short (15 min) progression check in's where parents can give updates and ask me questions.

  • A child’s greatest achievements are possible in play,

    achievements that tomorrow will become

    her/his basic level of real action.


    Lev S. Vygotsky

  • Want To Connect Me.

    I look forward to being on this journey with your family.