• Building a strong foundation.

    Play-Based learning for toddlers and their family

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    Learn to be a better guide, facilitator and

    supporter in your interactions with your children.

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    Supporting expressions of emotions help children feel safe and in control.​

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    Providing an environment for children to have many opportunities to use their thinking muscles. ​

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    Play is where toddlers try out roles, assumptions and explore unknowns.

  • Mission

    I seek to help create harmonious relationships between parents and their toddlers to enable positive life outcomes for the family.

  • Toddler Education Services

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    The Do It Yourself Program

    Get started on your own time, for a small fee.

    1. Developmental Skill Checklist

    A complete Developmental Checklist for your toddler. It's available for ages

    18 months

    24 months

    30 months

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    Consulting Services

    Video conferencing remote services

    •  How can I help make these toddler years flow better for you and your child? 
    • Any questions to help in guiding your toddler and your family's growth are welcomed.
    • If you just want to chat, ask questions, or talk about theories, I am here to assist you. 
    • Please feel free to book a video chat with me and I will do my best to help you and your family build a harmonious outcome.
  • About Me

    10 Years of Experience Educating Toddlers (I made it!)

    Samantha Ellis


    Child Development Degree

    Psychology, Biology, and Development

    Knowledgeable of the sequence of development and the best play-based activities that can help.


    Rece Certified

    Registered Early Childhood Educator

    Specialized in toddlers learning, development milestones, health, & well-being. I'm well versed in connecting play-based activities to help toddlers build a love for learning & discovery.

  • Contact

    Samantha Ellis

  • Pricing

    Join us for these amazing benefits.

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    Developmental Checklist


    This is a well detailed Developmental Checklist to help see what skills, abilities and strengths your toddler has. All the skills are based on the universal prediction of things that a toddler child should be able to do within each age. This Checklist can be done in the comfort of your home and does not take a lot of time.

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    Consulting Services


    Let's collaborate together to find the best outcome for your individual toddler. Lets chat!